Vision & mission


Guiding and Scouting in Belgium (GSB) brings together all Belgian guide and scout associations to foster unity across languages, borders and cultures at local, national and international level.

Together we work to strengthen our impact, amplify our shared voice, and help provide all children and young people an opportunity to enjoy quality scouting and guiding to realise their full potential.


By 2033, Guiding & Scouting Belgium (GSB) will have built an enabling environment where scouts & guides associations can grow together to strengthen their impact, become more diverse and foster unity.

Facilitating cooperation and exchange between associations and volunteers, and providing spaces for joint national and international initiatives to better achieve our mission of guiding and scouting together.

Strategic priorities

  1. Strengthen exchange between our Associations and volunteers (expertise, experience, tools,
  2. Support cooperation between our Associations (shared tools, materials, volunteers, projects, events)
  3. Facilitate for joint international organisation and participation (events, trainings, projects, …)
  4. Further our international representation and impact (WAGGGS and WOSM)
  5. Protect and strengthen the image of scouting and guiding in Belgium.